STUDYING: For some children of school age, the study becomes interesting, which allows them to make good use of their potentialities. But for other children, for the vast majority, the study becomes somewhat unpopular, boring, which forces them to perform to keep them occupied. Some even believe that their parents are bad because they punish them if they get bad grades.

Nobody seems to understand why the study, because even when the child becomes a teenager he finishes high school and high school, thinking about how to pass without studying, how to avoid exposing in class, approve to comply. The purpose of the study is to discover The Truth.

The truth of life, of things, of the world and of the society that surrounds us; as we discover the truth, we strengthen our intelligence, developing abilities, skills, abilities, our intelligence. With all our strengths strengthened we can transform the reality that surrounds us.

So the architects, the engineers, the technicians, the scientists, have transformed the reality and today we have cities, skyscrapers, computers, machines, airplanes, ships, spaceships, all these thanks to the intelligence of men who studied a lot and the They created for humanity.

There is the reason for being in the studio. The study allows us to develop better as people, develop intellectual abilities, which we will then use to our advantage, whether to perform intellectual work, such as Managers, Entrepreneurs, Surgeons, Lawyers, Politicians and achieve an incomparable social and economic status.

People who do not study or study because they meet, to pass the exam, are mediocre individuals. For that reason they do not succeed in their professions, their expectations are frustrated due to lack of competence. And in a world like the one where we live where technology is changing, where culture and science advance at a giant pace are lost.

If we want to be successful, have a good job, earn well, have more opportunities in life, we must study hard. But study with all your heart, with love, with dedication, to master the subject, the specialty, to be the best. People who study a lot have better opportunities because they are more prepared. Therefore, we should not stop studying. No matter how old we are, we must continue studying.

Why should young people study? Why continue studying? There are reasons to continue studying, the importance of continuing studies and not abandoning. Well, the reality is that this is partly the case, the studio has some of that, but it’s not the only thing it deals with.

Now that you’re starting a stage: adolescence, it’s time to know a little more about the benefits of studying. Above all, because doing so will help you understand the transcendence that you have and will have throughout your life.

You must know that studying is a very useful tool for your whole life, but why is it a tool? Well, you should know that thanks to the study, knowledge is acquired that helps to have a better social work performance in the future. But not only that, enough knowledge is acquired, the latter is important because it helps you to understand things that are often ignored, not forgetting that it brings you closer to science, culture, art, and values, but the most important one brings us closer to what we call civilization.  In other words, studying allows us to awaken and develop extraordinary abilities, as well as to face the complex and diverse situations with which modern society challenges us.

Because if one thing is certain, it is that today’s life poses many and more difficult challenges than any past era. To possess knowledge of more is not bad; in fact, it is an imperative necessity, a passport to life, in the current world; so full of technology and surprising discoveries, as well as of deep lags: misery, violence, marginalization, ignorance, among others.