Why is Rolex Daytona so popular?

Rolex Daytona

Rolex Daytona: As a world-renowned watch brand, Rolex is selling a lot of watches, Rolex Daytona is one of them. Daytona was born from the famous Daytona International Circuit in the United States, and in 1963 it launched the chronograph named after it. A small number of Daytona’s small needle scales have a square design inside. This type of watch is welcome by collector due to the American movie star Paul Newman and is a regular visitor to watch auctions.

In the early 1930s, Rolex began to a new chapter in the timing of automotive racing. In 1959, Rolex worked closely with the Daytona International Circuit. In 1963, Rolex launched the first Daytona watch designed specifically for racing drivers. In order to further strengthen cooperation, Rolex officially became the title sponsor and official chronograph of the 24 hour endurance race in Daytona since 1992, so this event was also named “Routit Daytona 24-hour Endurance Race” (Rolex 24 At Daytona (The Rolex), in addition to the 24-hour endurance of Daytona, Rolex also sponsored the 24 Hours of Le Mans (Les 24 Heures du Mans), the two most famous events in the world of racing. .

Then what relationship does Daytona and Paul Newman has? In the mid and late 60s of the world, Rolex introduced cosmopolitan Daytona with the new dial Exotic Dial. This is what we now know as “Paul Newman.” But when it was first introduced, it was not favored by people, so in 1975 it has been stopped production. Even though most people had no feelings for Daytona with a new dial, they still won the favor of a few people. American actress Joanna Woodward was one of them and she gave this watch to the same person. It was the husband of a famous actor, Paul Newman. But it was in Italy that really made Rolex “Paul Newman” known to people.

Based on the market conditions, Rolex plan an effective retail and marketing strategy in Italy. Afterwards, many people would choose Rolex Daytona watches for gifts at important moments such as marriage and graduation. In the early 1980s, the fashion of the Italians could be said to be the watch worn by Paul Newman on the cover of the magazine. This has caused many watch fans and fans to choose this watch, and many collectors have lined up to bid for it.

After that, when the Rolex released a new poster, the cosmopolitan Daytona, worn by Paul Newman, was sold out. The price in Italy even soared to more than double of the price. The response in the United States and the United Kingdom was also very enthusiastic. The watch collectors also obtained the Daytona watch they needed in various ways, even at high prices. Because it is difficult to find, many people can not buy this watch, so Italian agents and collectors names this a special color dial, Daytona as “Paul Newman” disk.

Why everyone loves Paul Newman Daytona? It is worth mentioning that this watch dial is very unique in its design. It is equipped with an independent faceplate. The two chronograph dials and the small second stopwatch have the same contrasting colors. To easy to read, the marking of the timing has different square designs are used. The speedometer scale of the watch is moved from the surface of the disk to the bezel, and the timing circle is easy to identify with contrasting colors, making it more suitable for high-speed movement.

In fact, the early watch has a colors of red, white, black, until early 70s it was replaced by a simple black and white color matching. The numbers in the dial are all in art deco fonts and are marked with squares. Not only that, the minute track is also designed in this way. Paul Newman Daytona is very popular among collectors, especially for mature men between 40 and 60 years old. Because of the shortage of supply, in 1985, a Paul Newman Daytona was much more expensive than the ordinary one, up to a price of 1000 euros, while the ordinary section only costs 750 euros.

Since then, Paul Newman Daytona’s prices have remained stubbornly high. In 1992, a Paul Newman Daytona made a price of US$ 9257 at Antiquorum, and 16 years later, the auction watch was once again on sale. The transaction price reached 66,000 U.S. dollars, and by 2013 it reached a high price of 75,000 U.S. dollars! The most shocking thing is that one of Paul Newman Daytona which auctioned on the Fouesse auction site, had a transaction price of 17.43 million U.S. dollars. This is a sky-high price, which broke the record of multiple watch auctions and became “The most expensive auction watch in history”, “the most expensive stainless steel wristwatch in history”, and ‘the most expensive Rolex in history”, can be said to be the most valuable watches in Rolex.

With the development of the times, Rolex revolutionized the movement in 1988, reducing the original 36,000 wobbles to a more durable 28800, and replacing the previous chronograph movement Valjoux with a self-winding Zenith EL. Primero also replaced the automatic train and balance system, numbered Cal.4030. This watch is numbered Ref.16520. The dial has also undergone some changes. The original font has been replaced with bold letters. Each dial has the words “Daytona” printed in red, and it is equipped with a screw-in timing button. Not only that, the diameter of Rolex Dytenna was also changed from the original 37mm to 40mm, and the watch glass was also upgraded to sapphire glass.

That is all introduction to Daytona. If you like this watch very much, but you do not have enough money, you can also choose Rolex replica. The current imitation table production technology has also been very mature, the details of processing is perfect, has reached the degree that is difficult to distinguish between original one and fake. In my blog, there is also an introduction to Dytunna’s replica watch.