The education of a child is everything, so we have to be constantly learning new ways of training and stimulating their cognitive abilities. Throughout childhood, everything can influence to build what will end up being a person’s personality. It is important to ensure a good education of the child by stimulating their best characteristics through games, practices, activities or lessons. It is necessary to give your child new approaches and points of view so that he grows according to his society and has access to any cultural asset. We have consulted experts on the subject to see what activities we can develop together with the youngest ones to see them grow in an educational and inventive way.

Make them like chess:

Several studies have shown that chess produces spectacularly good results in children from 4 and five years old. It has been shown that children who have played chess for two years have seen their concentration capacity increased by 50%, the ability to memorize 25% and the ability to solve problems of 35%. And it is that it turns out that a game of chess is like a mathematical problem because it is necessary to analyze the data and structure its reflection to develop a plan of attack in the form of a game. It is a very good way to make a child perform a logic task by discovering the power of the strategy.

All kinds of children can play, and they can see their cognitive abilities develop, as well as their ability to solve problems that may be encountered. It will be much more intuitive and intelligent. Regarding the aspect of memory, it turns out that the child will improve his short-term memory, project himself into future plays, as well as his long-term memory, and try to remember past strategies and putting them in a situation. Chess can be a good educational way to have fun, and, do not deny it, we can have fun, we parents, playing with them. Indeed, chess is one of the few games that make children can be hard rivals to crack very fast.

Try your good growth thanks to the vegetable:

It is one of the nightmares of every father: to get your child to have access to the vitamins provided by the vegetables. The important thing is to find recipes adapted to the kid and avoid the typical vegetables boiled and without taste. The error of most parents is to introduce vegetables into their children’s food aggressively: boiling vegetables and serving them without any attraction.

The basic rule: learn by playing

Whatever the child’s age, he will always learn more easily if he has a good time with the activity. The repetition, the absence of stress, the cooperation between the child and you, etc. they are necessary elements to assure a good learning and all of them are present in the games, and although this may seem contradictory, they are more than in a book.

With a game the child can learn to respect the rules; to win, and to lose; to fight for a goal; to elaborate a strategy; to collaborate as a team; to analyze; to memorize things; to relate; to feel emotions and express them; etc. Depending on the type of game, they will promote more of the features we just told you, but they will always watch over their learning and their good growth. The mistake of many parents is to leave their children with technology to let them rest easy after a hard day’s work. This does not favor him at all, and he needs to relate to his parents to develop all the skills that can ensure a good future.