No.1 in the world, Rolex deserves it!

Rolex deserves

Rolex deserves: Rolex recently won the honor of No.1 in the world. This ranking is not just the rank in the field of the watch but also the rank of global companies and brands. From this picture, we can know that people gain great recognition of Rolex brand. Maybe some people will be skeptical about this ranking. Don’t worry. I will show evidence to you.

This is “2017 world’s most worth-trusted brands list” released by Forbes, with products and services, work environment, innovation, leadership, financial performance and civic consciousness and so on as the evaluation basis. Through the survey of 170,000 respondents, and according to their feedback, it scored the companies. The higher the score is, the better the enterprise reputation is, and the more worthy it is for consumers to trust. So, it seems that they have patented the system, that is, the RepTrak Pulse measurement system.

According to Forbes list, Rolex ranks No.1, and is also the only brand with the score of more than 80. Visibly, the recognition of Rolex brand is very high; after all, the survey is not just watch industry ranking, but the result of the competition among the enterprises and brands all over the world. This ranking is quite valuable, and also does not let Rolex down its persistence.

Why is the Recognition of Rolex Brand?

Maybe you can’t immediately say why you like Rolex very much, but it does have some unique places, and also more understand consumers in terms of innovation, so that the first watch of many people is a Rolex.

In fact, in many famous watches, the appearance of Rolex is very conservative, with less style change, so what does it rely on to attract people?

In terms of the popular Submariner (116610LN-97200), all great features of Rolex can be witnessed from it, and it is also one of the watches with the most collection value in the second-hand market. Some people say that the existence of Rolex is almost equivalent to gold, which can be said to be quite value-maintaining. Submariner series 116610LN-97200 has equipped with self-winding movement Cal. 3135, the diameter of 40 mm, 904L stainless steel watch case and watchband, and 300 meters’ waterproofing priced at about $10000. This price can be accepted by most people. But for just the people who just start working, it is a little expensive. This group of people also can choose Rolex replica watch with lower price, delicate workmanship, some of which use the imported Swiss movement, so its quality can be good as well, with high price performance. If you’re just for wearing, a replica is a good choice. It’s a good way to get a taste of the watch and save money for other investment. It kills two birds with one stone.

Good quality is an important factor to gain recognition of Rolex brand. Regardless of the times change, Rolex still adheres to its principle of winning by quality. Among) all the watches, Rolex performance excellently in waterproof, antimagnetic, shockproof, etc. Almost all of the parts are produced by itself, with strict control in the process of production. It is no wonder that it is great watch, once and for all.

In addition, the value maintenance of Rolex is also an important reason for people to recognize it. After all, everyone wants their own good to keep the value. Because Rolex is value-maintained, it is loved by collectors and the object that people compete for in the watch auction.

Rolex deserves: The original intention of Rolex is “accurate” and “durable”, to keep improving on the basis of simplicity. It invented the watch of “oyster type” structure with great waterproof performance, becoming the first watch-certified by the observatory, and it is currently the brand with the largest number of certifications.

In terms of Rolex, we have to mention Datejust series and Submariner series that can represent the spirit of Rolex. Particularly, the steel watch of Submariner series is very popular in the second-hand market. If the watch is in good condition, it can almost realize the miracle of having no price decrease. The Submariner steel watch is not rare, and the material is only stainless steel, without precious metal, but it is popular every time. This is precisely because of the extreme performance of Rolex. The simplicity of the extraordinary items makes it popular. For the introduction of this watch, you can go to a website, where there is a very detailed introduction. Here, space is limited, so I will not make more introduction.

In addition, Rolex’s enterprise management is very stable. It has been firmly managed by the foundation created by the founder Wilsdorf and has never been out of the founding family’s management. From beginning to end, it has maintained its own independent business status. It is also worth noting that Rolex has never made a voluntary layoff, but focused on the needs of its employees and sought more benefits for them.

Rolex deserves: Finally, Rolex is a special pragmatic horological enterprise. On both products or management, it insists on a sound pragmatic style of work. Due to its steadfast step, Rolex achieves the dominance in the watch world today. Of course, Rolex will also innovate on a sound basis to keep pace with the development of the times.

Since the founding, even if it has experienced all kinds of tests, Rolex can stick to its original intention, making the simple things to the extreme, to achieve the unique, which is not simple. It is because of the perseverance of Rolex that you can see the sincerity of this watch brand so that it can gain recognition and stand out in the development of the times.

Rolex has always been pursuing high quality, stable management environment, steady and pragmatic style, so it deserves the honor of the world’s first. As a luxury wristwatch brand, Rolex is relatively affordable and simple in appearance, but it has its own unique charm, which makes people particularly appreciate the watch brand. Rolex is also well-known in the industry. With its value maintenance, it is the first choice for many people.